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Get your check up and hug a pony!

Hay, friends! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but it’s the beginning of a new month – and a very important month. So, I’m compelled to put off rolling in the mud for a little while and tell you something I’ve never shared before.

Many of you may know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. What you don’t know is that last year, during her yearly doctor’s visit and mammogram, the PR Girl was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was terrified but she wasn’t surprised. Her mom is a survivor and she always felt like she was waiting for the other “shoe to drop”, as they say – whoever “they” are.

In January, she had surgery. She wasn’t out at the barn for about 10 days but thanks to my schedule and good timing, we didn’t miss a visit that month. While she was gone, her friend and assistant PR Girl took good care of me. (I always like it when she takes care of me. I get extra treats.)

When the PR Girl returned, she cleaned my stall, set out my food, and took care of me as always. We went out on our regularly scheduled visits and I remember her asking me to “go easy” as we walked down the hallways. So, I did. I walked extra slowly.

Then about six weeks after surgery, the PR Girl had to start radiation treatment. That went on for 6 ½ weeks. Coincidentally, the treatment center was close to the barn. So every morning right after treatment, she came to the barn and continued with chores, therapy visits, and all the paperwork, marketing and business stuff that she does for me. (You know…having tiny hooves and no thumbs make holding a pen or typing just a little difficult. And I’m not cleaning up after MYSELF! Please. That’s why I have the PR Girl.)

It wasn’t easy for her. In fact, she’s told me that she was surprised that it took the mental and emotional toll that it did. She thought just because she didn’t have to have chemotherapy that it would be easier. And she knows it was…but still, she wasn’t prepared for how it made her feel – both physically and mentally.

She didn’t tell very many people. Just her family and a few close friends knew what was happening. But their love and support helped her through that hard time. And don’t forget me. I helped, too.

I tell you this story for a few reasons.

The PR Girl is a very private person. She wasn’t sure she was brave enough to tell her story. That’s why I’m telling you. She doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her. But she wants everyone to know that it’s so important that women go for their yearly exams. PLEASE! She discovered this during a routine visit. Thanks to amazing doctors, who first saw something that was non detectable except by a mammogram, and because of an amazing surgeon, she is here today – to take care of her family – and me!

And without ME – where would you guys be, right?

Second, the PR Girl learned firsthand something that she already knew in her heart. Animals heal. Ponies heal. She says that I helped her get through a scary and difficult time. All of the jobs I do – therapy visits, my bullying prevention program – and all the work associated with them – barn chores, taking me to my different visits and appearances, and all the office work – is what kept her busy and moving forward.

But it was more than that. It was a connection – one that she already had with me and just like the one that I share with everyone I meet on my therapy visits. I offered her unconditional love and support. No words. Just actions. Pure love. It’s why we both work so hard to educate people as to the healing powers of my equine friends and it’s what we work so hard to share – in person and virtually.

Sure. She’s still worried. Sometimes she wonders if the worry will ever go away. And when she had to go for her six-month mammogram, she was really scared. But she got a good report. She goes back again in January – and will be going back every six months for the next two years. She’s already started worrying about her next visit but I’m here to take her mind off it. And that’s the point of this story.

The PR Girl and I have learned that everything happens for a reason. She found me – after searching for a year for just the right horse. She knew I was “the one” the moment she called about me. Neither of us knew then where we would be now. Our journey together has been nothing short of amazing. She feels blessed that she could take her professional skills and marry them with her love for horses. She never planned that my life with her would be like this. Things just unfolded.

And here we are – going through this adventure together, helping where we can and trying to do our share to make the world a little bit better. That’s why I’m sharing her story with you. We hope that it may help you in some way.

Sure, sometimes the road is bumpy but we’re all in this together. So. share the love and don’t forget to make sure the women in your life get their checkups.

Oh! And hug a pony. It’s good for your health.

‘Cuz that’s how I roll.



An apple a day…

Amos the Wonder Horse

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I don’t know who “they” are but I like them. Anyone who wants to give me an apple every day is a winner in my book.

Boy, it’s been a while since my last post. I guess like a lot of people, I started with good intentions and came out of the starting gate with a bang. But then, you know what happens… life kicks in, you’ve got appearances to make, cable to watch, Slurpees to drink.  Before you know it,  you forget your WordPress password – OK not really, but it sounded good.

While they don’t call me the “Wonder Horse” for nothing (you do know I play basketball, right?), not having thumbs does make it difficult to type.  The truth is, I rely on the PR Girl for some things. So, I dictate my thoughts to the PR Girl, who types my blogs for me. She writes and I munch away on the apples that “they” have brought me.

We’ve been meaning to write for a while, but the PR Girl had a pretty tough year. She never says much to people. She figures most people have it worse than she does. But take it from me, it’s been tough. I think I’ve really helped her through it, but we have a ways to go. She’s still determined, though, to bring people smiles, and she works hard every day, doing PR for me and for her other clients, getting creative, writing copy, building websites  (you’ve seen my website, right – and setting appointments for my appearances on TV shows and special events. Plus, she’s working on making me into a household name. You know, Palmolive, Raid, Amos the Wonder Horse.

She’s also still working on introducing me to Ellen Degeneres since she has two mini horses herself. I figure we could get a game of H.O.R.S.E. together. Then there’s Jimmy Fallon. He actually tweeted to me once. Yep! Right to ME!

Then, of course, there’s my Facebook page. I have a lot more friends now than I did when I started this blog. It’s true. Almost 1600 friends from all over the world – like Australia, the Middle East, the UK and different places in Europe. it’s all quite exciting for a little horse like me. We’re always looking for new friends – so don’t keep me all to yourself. Share me! There’s enough of me to go around.

So, things might be tough for the PR Girl, but we’re gonna do it. We’re in this together!  After all, I AM the one who makes people smile, not her. She’s just the driver, and the typist, and the cook (brings me my hay) and the upstairs maid (OK, we don’t have an upstairs at the barn. I was just making sure you were paying attention. But she does clean my stall. What? You don’t expect me to do it, do you?) and the Slurpee and Starbucks runner…but I’m still the star.

So, we’re BACK to BLOG, baby – and it’s all to bring you a smile, or two. And HAY –  if they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, just think how good a smile would make you feel.

And if you ever find out who “they” are, let me know. I owe ’em an apple – and a smile.

‘Cuz that’s how I roll!

Amos the Wonder Horse

Things For Which to be Thankful (Or Yay for These Things!)

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, I thought it appropriate for this blog to be about those things for which I am thankful. (And in case you’re wondering – yes. Animals have things to be thankful for, too. For example, don’t you think that monkeys are thankful for bananas? And how about birds? You KNOW they’re happy they can fly. Except for ostriches and puffins. They’re not so happy. They can’t fly. But you get what I’m saying.)

Apparently, this tradition of Thanksgiving was started by a bunch of people who rode this tiny little ship to America, made some new friends, said what they were thankful for, and then ate lots of food.

This is not unlike my own life. I figure it like this: I rode on this little trailer when the PR Girl found me, and through my journey of playing basketball and trying to make everyone smile, I met lots of new friends. Now all I have to do is say what I’m thankful for and I can eat, right?

OK. Here it goes.First, I’m thankful for basketball. That PR Girl finally did something right when she introduced me to that sport. I learned to playin three days -15 minutes a day – and I was practically a pro!  (Yes. I know. I’m brilliant.). Pretty soon I was on the local news, then the national news.  Before I knew it, the world famous Harlem Globetrotters were calling me to shoot hoops with them. Not bad for a three foot high pony!

Second, I’m thankful for food. I know that’s pretty broad, but let’s be honest. I like ALL food: French fries, hamburgers, ice cream, pizza, lasagna. Except for lima beans. We all know I don’t like them. But who does? (Thank goodness I play basketball and the PR Girl takes me for long walks or I’d be wider than I am tall. I guess that’s another thing she does right.)

I’m also thankful for Slurpees. Yes, technically Slurpees are food, but they really deserve a category to themselves. They are that good. Slurpees definitely make the world a better place. I think that if everyone had a Slurpee, we could, in fact, achieve world peace.

I’m also thankful for Starbucks – salted caramel crème brulee to be exact. Let’s face it. Even ponies need a little caffeine boost now and then. (OK. The PR Girl only let’s me have the last taste in the cup, but at least she shares.)

I guess there are so many things to be thankful for, such as Internet access in my stall, Facebook, and cable TV. I’m also thankful that I can type, even though I don’t have opposable thumbs.

But looking back at this, I see one thing that I should really be thankful for: my PR Girl. Yeah. I have to admit it. She’s OK. If it weren’t for her, none of these things would be possible. Not to mention, she gives me peppermints – yet another thing for which to give thanks.

Of course, there’s one thing that I’m REALLY thankful for: all my friends. This past year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet all kinds of friends – big and small. Whether it’s through my volunteering with the charity where I meet special friends, going to parties where I meet little friends, special events where I meet celebrities and big friends or through my TV appearances and Facebook, I now have friends from around the globe.

It’s true! Who knew that I’d have friends from Australia, Korea and the Middle East, in addition to all my UK, Canadian, and U.S. friends? What a lucky pony I am. But I guess you’re lucky to know me, too. I mean, do you know any other basketball-playing, humorous, good-looking ponies who volunteer for charity and have a Starbucks addiction?

I didn’t think so. See? I told you I was thankful for you.

Yay for you!

Now, let’s all have a Slurpee.

That’s the way I roll.

I Blog. Therefore, I am.

So, here I am. Amos the Wonder Horse – Blogger Extraordinaire. 

OK. Maybe I’m not an “extraordinaire” yet, but I am now officially a blogger. That should be extraordinary in itself. After all, how many horses do you know who blog? 

Blogging isn’t easy. I have to be creative, funny, entertaining. And I have to type. That’s not exactly easy since I don’t have thumbs.  I also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  Again – no thumbs. Not easy. 

By now, you must realize that I’m no ordinary horse. After all, to keep up with all of this social media, I would have to have a computer and internet access. Again, how many horses have that? I also have cable, but that’s another story.

So who am I? For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, I’m Amos the Wonder Horse. Yes. That’s my real name. I’m a mini horse. I’m 11 years old. I’m three feet tall. My favorite things to do are to eat and play basketball. I’ve even played basketball with the world famous Harlem Globetrotters, but more about that later.

I also paint, play the xylophone, play ring toss and beanbag toss, and do a puzzle. I enjoy hang gliding and parasailing.

(OK. I don’t do those last two things. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.)

In my spare time, I volunteer with a local charity that helps special needs kids. While I love playing basketball and entertaining people, working with these kids has to be the most rewarding thing I do.

My various talents have attracted local and national news agencies and I’ve been featured on CNN, MSNBC, and Right This Minute, among others. My latest adventure was to New York City where I was on The Today Show. I’ve had so much to do that I had to hire a PR Girl. I have more pages on Google than she does.

I’m hoping Hollywood will discover me and I’ll be the equine equivalent of “Air Bud.” This way I can reach more people. Make more smiles. Create more laughter. Between Facebook, Twitter, volunteering, and continued coverage on local and national TV, I’m trying to let the world know about me so I can spread the smiles for miles and miles. I figure blogging is one more way to reach everyone.

So here I am. Therefore, I blog.

That’s the way I roll. 


It’s me.

It's me.

This is me, Amos the Wonder Horse. But you can just call me Amos.

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